Legal Orders

Many businesses receive hundreds or thousands of Legal Orders annually, requesting information. Among the businesses that receive the largest volume of subpoenas, garnishments, levies, and other types of legal orders are banks, credit unions, insurance, telecommunications, finance and mortgage companies, credit reporting agencies, and healthcare providers. Most of these Legal Orders are issued by or from judicial authorities (like federal, state, and provincial civil and criminal courts), regulatory authorities, IRS (USA) and CRA (Canada) requests, Patriot Act subpoenas, law enforcement agencies, and others.

Because of the variety and high volumes of Legal Orders, the tailored and dependable technology involved, and the specific and detailed processes, this area of our services is handled by our sister company, Legal Order Services, Inc.  It focuses simply on just these types of orders in USA and Canada at the moment.  Its website is

Legal Order Services offers an end-to-end solution as a service (SaaS) to assist in better managing the research and fulfillment of Legal Orders. It provides a collaborative, browser-delivered solution that allows everyone involved in processing any Legal Order to work effectively side-by-side and together. 

As the Legal Order Services solution is a service and not simply software, it manages and deploys the solution from world-class, secure infrastructure with its own technical staff and legal service professionals. This means that little, if any, up-front capital investment is required by its clients.  The Legal Order Services solutions deliver increased cost savings, improved cost recoveries, more assured risk management/compliance, and significantly improved work processes from the very first day they go live.

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The regulatory landscape is ever increasing.  Corporations and organizations are confronted with ever growing local, national and global compliance responsibilities.  This imposes ever growing cost burden on an entire company, including its in-house legal team.  More and ore resources are pulled away to deal with these increasing compliance responsibilities. 

Compliance has entered or grown in various business areas and affect almost every business and organization in almost every industry in the countries we provide our support in.   Some examples of these growing compliance and regulatory burdens are anti-money laundering laws (AML), the Bank Secrecy Act, the USA Patriot Act, SEC, FINRA, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Dodd Frank Act, the various Immigration Laws, the many Employment Laws, and all their equivalent laws and regulations in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

We at Ius Juris help our clients reduce the cost of these growing legal burdens in a variety of ways:

  • Complement the in-house legal team in implementing the steps and actions required to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  •  Improve internal processes, and help track, record, and report steps and measurements taken;
  • Provide follow-up and follow-on administrative functions and routine reporting;
  • By taking on routine steps in the compliance processes, free up our clients’ internal resources to focus on the more important and strategic matters;
  • Ensure consistency, and lower risks and costs of compliance, while at the same time improve the overall quality of compliance programs;
  • Document compliance steps and actions taken to assist make the compliance program increasingly defensible; and
  • Help develop programs’ processes, templates, and checklists.

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Corporate Secretarial

Ius Juris helps Corporate Secretaries manage, keep updated, and maintain their corporate documents, no matter how voluminous they are.  These tasks are completed in a structured, efficient, and cost-effective manner, freeing up internal resources for the more important and strategic matters.

Ius Juris has an experienced and knowledgeable Team as well as effective and tested processes to manage, update, and maintain a wide variety of corporate secretarial tasks.  These tasks are completed in a timely and organized manner, leaving a searchable record. 

Some of the tasks we can assist Corporate Secretaries with are:


  1. Be appointed the Registered Agent and file Annual Reports and accompanying documents in all 50 US States, the District of Columbia, and Canada;
  2. Receive and forward Service of Process documents quickly and securely by electronic means;
  3. Receive and review all compliance mail notices sent from the respective Secretary of State to you;
  4. Provide an outline of all upcoming filings for your review 45 days in advance of deadlines;
  5. Electronically route all communications to you within 24 hours and customize this to who in your company receives which communications;
  6. Provide internal and external users from your company to view the report filings, etc. at no additional cost, unlimited training at no extra cost, and 24-hour technical support; and
  7. Obtaining good-standing certificates.


  1. Attending to drawing up of meeting notices, agendas, proxy statements, and other usual meeting documents;
  2. As required, ensuring that these documents are consistent in their layout, etc.;
  3. Attending to any other related matters with our lawyers who have hands-on corporate secretarial experience and who can operate like an extension of your Team.

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Legal Research

Ius Juris also provides legal research and legal survey services.
Some of the tasks we can assist with are:

  • Drafting legal memoranda;
  • Responding to a variety of legal research requests;
  • Multi-jurisdictional research, surveys, and legislative tracking;
  • Preparing an easy-to-follow checklist of applicable rules;
  • Case law research; and
  • Documents abstraction.

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Administrative Solutions

Ius Juris offers highly skilled specialists for high-quality administrative support.  Many business organizations now look for strategic outsourcing for operational efficiency and cost savings.  

We offer law firms and in-house legal departments a cost-effective and reliable alternative that provides quality administrative support solutions, improves attorney-secretary ratios, and helps lower our clients’ overhead costs.


Some of the tasks we can assist with are:

  1. Document production and legal word processing;
  2. Proofreading and transcription;
  3. Virtual administrative support; and
  4. Customizable services and solutions.

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