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Drafting, reviewing, and managing contracts for our clients allows us to save them a significant amount of time, delivering substantial cost- savings in the process, without loss of quality of the work product.

Our experienced Contracts Services Team of attorneys and paralegals can manage the entire life cycle of your routine contracts. We are well able to cater to your specific needs in drafting, reviewing and managing your corporate contracts.



  • Generate and maintain templates and form agreements,
  • Produce first drafts of documents,
  • Review and amend contracts in compliance with our clients’ ongoing requirements and procurement guidelines,
  • Produce abstracts / summaries of contracts; and
  • Archive and manage a detailed database of executed client contracts for the benefit of those clients.


The Ius Juris Advantage

Under our highly effective ‘Dedicated Model’, the Ius Juris attorneys work closely with our clients, as though they are a part of our clients#8217; legal team. The Ius Juris personnel become very familiar with our clients’ standard form contracts, templates, preferred positions, key issues, and applicable laws.

Our attorneys are highly experienced in drafting simple as well as complex, standard form, unique, tailored, and specific contracts.

We also offer cost transparency through fixed fees on a per-contract or full engagement basis.

Let us help you with our professional skills and take care of your work.


Results with Ius Juris

We work directly with attorneys in the legal departments of corporations and law firms to deliver this suite of services in a cost-effective manner.

In today’s business climate, it is imperative for companies to maintain consistency and total effectiveness in their contracts. Managing the contracting process and portfolio has become increasingly complex and time consuming. The Ius Juris Contracts Services Team enables our clients to proactively enter into, review, and maintain contracts very cost-effectively, and minimize legal and business risks. Moreover, by leveraging the skills and resources of our attorneys and legal staff, we can help you enhance your efficiency as well as the quality of your routine agreements.  We save you and your Team valuable time, time that they can spend on the more important contracts and strategic matters.  We also reduce the turnaround time in attending to this type of work.


Contract Types

  • Procurement and Distribution Agreements
  • Supply Agreements
  • Agreements for Sale & Purchase
  • Development Contracts
  • Software / I P Licensing Agreements
  • Franchising Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • HR Contracts
  • Telecom Services Agreements
  • Internet, Advertising and Media Agreements
  • Real Estate Leases
  • Teaming Agreements
  • Service Level / Master Service Agreements
  • Sales / Customer Contracts
  • Services / Consulting Agreements
  • Joint Venture / Alliance Agreements
  • RFPs



Contract Drafting:

  • Drafting contracts is a matter that is personal to the drafter. We at Ius Juris understand the range of complex contracts drafting skills needed to produce the right documents.
  • Drafting and negotiating all types of contracts.

Contract Review:

  • Contract review & comments on clients’ form and standard industry positions.
  • Review & comment on clients’ requirements, e.g., product specifications, service labels, and insurance coverage.

Contract Management:

  • Manage and administer the entire contract review process.
  • Manage contract administration functions, e.g., annual reviews, required notices, renewals, etc.
  • Reviewing, drafting, organizing, and summarizing a wide variety of contracts, e.g. after an acquisition or during due diligence.
  • Categorizing contracts in accordance with the client’s need, e.g. presence of required fundamental elements.

Contract Abstraction / Summaries:

  • Summarizes the key contractual terms;
  • Populate or create contracts databases;
  • Cost-effective contract abstraction.

Contracts Lifecycle Management Systems:

  • Experienced with many of the leading Contract Lifecycle Management Systems.
  • Can upload into a CLM system.
“Dependable services and experienced personnel make the quality of work at the offered price unbeatable”

Specific Examples for M&A Support:
Contract due diligence is often a very labor- intensive task in any prospective M&A transaction. Even in friendly mergers, securities rules and practices usually require third-party review of contractual relationships. The time and expense of the contract due diligence process adds up to for a large percentage of the legal costs of M&A work. It also pulls valuable legal resources from other important and strategic tasks. By outsourcing more and utilizing Ius Juris, companies involved in M&A work save themselves a substantial percentage of the legal costs involved in these transactions and free up resources to concentrate on the more critical aspects of the transaction.

We’ll work around the clock to fit your needs exactly

Standard Contracts Preparation & Review:
A Corporation’s Human Resources Department or Sales Team usually is tasked with the preparation of standard form agreements (e.g. employment, sales, non-disclosure), or they request these from their in-house legal team.  Either way, this time- consuming but important work can be attended to by the Ius Juris Contracts Services Team, delivering the documents needed on time, very cost-effectively, efficiently, consistently, and within the corporation’s guidelines, rules, and preferences.

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