Intellectual Property

Ius Juris provides a wide range of legal and paralegal services in all aspects of Intellectual Property on a worldwide basis. We have an extensive network of associate and representative offices globally to attend to all types of trademark, patent, design, and copyright applications, registrations, assignments, docketing, and management matters. Our long-established business relationships with our global associates enable us to provide our clients with a global footprint in all such IP matters.


Our IP practice areas incorporate the following:

  • Trademarks / Trade Marks
  • Patents
  • Copyright
  • IP Support Services
  • Intellectual Property Support

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Trademarks / Trade Marks :

Ius Juris offers a full spectrum of trademark services, from trademark searches through to the entire application process, and then on to renewals, assignments, maintenance, and docketing.


Trademarks Globally

Moreover, with our extensive and long-established network of associate and representative offices globally, we offer our clients a global footprint for all types of trademark matters and applications.  We also are well able to work with our clients’ own network of agents in foreign countries, which means that there will be no disruption to their relationships and processes.  In dealing with the network of foreign agents, whether they are our clients’ or ours or a combination of both, we bring a high level of efficiency, accuracy, and management to the entire process by:

  • Managing the communications with the foreign agents and the foreign PTOs;
  • Managing deadlines;
  • Managing the preparation and filing of documents;
  • Managing the receipt and distribution of registration certificates and other original documents;
  • Managing the invoicing and payments of foreign agents, filing fees, and disbursements so as to ensure the correct amounts are paid;
  • Ensuring that the foreign agents engaged are reputable in their field and of high quality, and are cost-effective.

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Trademark Services

Our full spectrum of trademark services include:

  • Trademark searches internationally;
  • Trademark applications globally;
  • Attending to substantive and non-substantive office actions;
  • Trademark renewals;
  • Trademark assignments, including those resulting from a M&A transaction; and
  • Managing the receipt and accurate distribution of registration certificates and other original documents;

Ius Juris uses, by and large, a fixed fee structure in trademark matters.  This delivers to our clients much-improved cost predictability and reduced spend.

With Ius Juris, our clients enjoy increased bandwidth when needed, improved and streamlined processes, and lower risk in managing their trademark prosecution and portfolio.

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Patents :

Ius Juris assists its clients in multiple steps of the patenting process:
  • Patent Searches & Analytics;
    • Prior Art Searches
      • Novelty
      • Validity
      • Clearance
    • State of Art Searches
    • Landscape Analysis
    • Knock Out Searches
    • Freedom to Operate Searches
    • Patent Mapping Studies.
  • Patent Applications: Drafting, Illustrations & Office Actions;
    • Information Disclosure Statements
    • Patent Illustrations
    • Patent Applications
    • Office Actions – Responses

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Patent Searches & Analytics

There are multiple types of searches and analytics that Ius Juris helps its clients with:

  • Prior Art Searches
    • Novelty
    • Validity
    • Clearance
  • State of Art Searches
  • Landscape Analysis
  • Knockout Searches
  • Freedom to Operate Searches
  • Patent Mapping Studies.

Our Team Members in the patent searches areas are experienced and have the subject matter expertise so as to provide quality work product.  We also tap into a large variety of paid and free databases.

Prior Art Searches

Prior art searching is a critical part of patent prosecution and litigation.  If what a patent covers was publicly available before anywhere in the world in any form or language, that patent will most likely be held to be not valid.  In a patent application, relevant prior art must be included to show that it does not cover or apply directly to the patent in the application.  There is a duty to disclose prior art in any patent application.

There are different types of prior art searches:

  • Novelty – This is usually carried out before a patent application is filed.  It helps determine if the invention is novel.
  • Validity – This is usually carried out after a patent is issued to either validate or invalidate it or its claims.  If the examiner overlooked any prior art that is found, the patent can be invalidated.  A granted patent can be held to be invalid on a number of grounds.
  • Clearance – This is usually carried out to determine if the patent infringes a patent belong to someone else.  It is also called a Freedom to Operate search (more below).

State of Art Search

A State of Art search is very broad.  It covers prior art, what already exists in that technological field, how new developments are trending, competitors in that field, markets, etc.  This search enables someone to see what is being developed in a given field.  This search is also known as a ‘Collection’ search and will include an analysis of non-patent literature as well as patents.

Landscape Analysis

Landscape analysis is a detailed prior art search that categorizes results by technology.  It thus helps identify the trends in a technology or industry space, the main applications of that technology, competitors in that space, possible licensing opportunities, and ‘white space’ analysis.  Current and expired patents are included in the analysis.

Knock Out Searches

A Knock Out Search is a quick high-level search to find prior out that would that ‘knock out’ the invention disclosures in question.  It is a simplified patentability search and helps improve the Invention Disclosure Statement.

Freedom to Operate / Infringement / Clearance / Right to Use Search

A Freedom to Operate (FTO) is always recommended when launching a new product or process in a different country.  It helps avoid lawsuits and possible withdrawal of the product or process later on.  The FTO search aims to identify any granted, published/pending, or expired patents that are the same as or similar to the product or process to be launched in that country.  Hence, threats and opportunities are identified.

These searches are carried out to determine if another product or process infringes a patent of any one of its claims in any way.  If all elements of a patent claim can be found in the other product or process, then the latter can be said to be infringing the patent.  The infringement can be either ‘literal’ or under the ‘doctrine of equivalents’.

Patent Mapping Studies

Patent Mapping often presents its assessment of a large set of patent data in a visual representation of information and findings that that data in an easy-to-understand manner.  It is mainly in a graphical representation.  A product or process can have multiple patents covering it.  One patent may have multiple owners.  The te4chnology involved can be interlinked with other very similar technologies, bring into play more patents, patent owners, competitors, markets, etc.  Patent Mapping enables all this to be much more easily understood in terms of new technology, owners, competitors, markets, commercialization opportunities, countries, and a whole host of other features.

Patent Mapping enables:

  • Improved patent prosecution;
  • Technology trends;
  • White-space in those technologies;
  • Commercialization trends;
  • Licensing trends;
  • Set the basis for patent portfolio & R&D development; and
  • Competitor activities.

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Patent Applications: Drafting, Illustrations & Office Actions

Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)

All patent applications need to any material prior art. This duty continues till the patent is issued. The IDS attends to this duty by compiling a full and accurate submission of material prior art in a timely manner.

Ius Juris prepares the IDS for its clients. In the process of doing so, and in a bid to ensure that we list all material prior art, we search the various patent offices globally as well as non-patent material and references.

Patent Illustrations

The Ius Juris Our patent illustration team is familiar with the rules relating to patent application drawings. They have access to the necessary software and other tools to develop the necessary drawings from sketches, descriptions, blueprints, and photographs. Our Team produces high quality patent drawings to in-house IP law departments as well as to law firms at very cost-effective rates.

Preparing the Patent Application

The Ius Juris Patents Team has prepared hundreds of patent applications for filing, be they provisional or non-provisional applications. We can provide the full application, including the cover sheet, specifications, claims, and drawings to our attorney client or their agent for filing. We will also place the full application in our clients’ docketing system or library.

Office Actions - Responses

The Ius Juris Patents Team has prepared responses to hundreds of Office Actions in patent applications over the years. The Office Actions and the Responses required can either be non-substantive or substantive. Our Team of engineers and/or attorneys draws up the Office Action responses, ready for filing. They are drafted in accordance with the jurisdictional requirements and client preferences.

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Copyright :

Ius Juris can help register copyright in USA and in other countries.

Copyright is protection granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright covers both published and unpublished works. Copyright protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture. Copyright exists from the moment the work is created.

Registration of copyright is recommended for a number of reasons.


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IP – Support Services :

The following are some of the important, but time-consuming work, including administrative work that can easily be outsourced in a very cost-effective manner to Ius Juris.

Online & Other IP Infringements

  • Cease-and-Desist Letters with Follow-ups
  • UDNDRP Action for infringing Domain Names;
  • Helping remove online IP-infringing material
  • Research into determining the real infringer hiding behind various domain names.

Pre & Post M&A IP Due Diligence

Ius Jurisalso provides support and services in any due diligence exercise in any M&A transaction.   We also provide post-transaction support and services.   As these tasks can significantly increase legal costs in any transaction activity, utilizing Ius Juris can materially reduce costs for clients and law firms without sacrificing the desired quality standards.

Some of the tasks we can assist with are:

  • During an M&A transaction, preparation and vetting of IP assets, including trademarks, patents, and copyright owned or licensed; and
  • After the successful conclusion of an acquisition, assigning the new IP assets to the new owner, and incorporating these assets into the company portfolio, systems, and docketing.  This can become very time-consuming when disparate portfolios are brought into the new owner concurrently. Ius Juris can provide timely, quality, and cost-effective support to ensure that data is verified, entered and tested appropriately.


Ius Juris prepares the IDS for its clients. In the process of doing so, and in a bid to ensure that we list all material prior art, we search the various patent offices globally as well as non-patent material and references.

File History Analysis

Ius Juris can produce a File History Analysis, which reviews any patent application from the time it was filed, through all its changes (material or otherwise), updates, and progress as it makes its way through to its final stage. It includes all the correspondence and filings during this process.

Such a File History Analysis over the life cycle of a patent application would greatly assist in the most effective prosecution of that application, or its commercialization, licensing, litigation, etc.

Patent Proofreading at all Stages

A patent is exactly as it was issued. It is well known that a significant number of patents issued have errors in them. These errors will very likely impact the enforceability of a patent.

Hence proofreading a patent becomes all that much more critical. That is all the more so as it is immaterial if the error or errors are due to the applicant or the PTO. The responsibility lies on the applicant/owner.

Ius Juris offers a Patent Proofreading service, through a combination of manual and electronic processes to help correct errors. The proofreading includes the cover sheet, specifications, claims, and drawings, and can be done at any stage of the patent application.

Paralegal / Prosecution Support

Foreign trademark, patent, and copyright filing work is often more administrative than legal. Ius Juris is easily able to set up foreign filing instructions and link them with docketing services. Naturally, this can also be done for assignments of IP as well as recordal of their licenses. In doing so, Ius Juris is able to reduce the time and cost burden for its clients, and attend to these tasks that require knowledge of the foreign jurisdiction laws and practice.

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