Ius Juris also provides support and services in any due diligence exercise in any prospective M&A transaction.   We also provide post-transaction support and services.   As these tasks can normally contribute significantly to legal costs in any transaction activity, utilizing Ius Juris can significantly reduce costs for clients and law firms without sacrificing the standards of quality demanded.



Some of the tasks we can assist with are:

  1. Preparation and vetting of IP assets, including trademarks, patents, and copyright owned or licensed;
  2. Compilation of the real estate portfolio;
  3. Contracts abstraction/summarization; and
  4. Preparation of Disclosure Schedules.
  5. Enable our clients to focus on higher-value/risk matters

We do this by:

  1. Understanding the transaction, the parties involved, the industries involved, the applicable terminology and jargon, and other key structural matters right at the outset;
  2. Understanding and developing with our clients the applicable due diligence review guidelines that meet the needs and strategies of the transaction;
  3. Establish clear reporting lines as well as the escalation procedures; and
  4. Being proactive in our communications.

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